Weekly Writing Challenge #6

A website is worth reading because it gives a correct and detailed information we need. And, it has a distinct main paragraph. It is easy to understand what the whole article is about.

http://makewealthhistory.org/2007/07/01/geographical-factors-that-affect-development/ is my favorite site I have used in my Google Doc.

This website is really organized. They have a sub-heading before the information. So, I can read sub-heading and choose what to read.

One of the most important for development is geographical environment. Especially, the climate is really important for the development. The poor countries are poor because they have frequent natural disasters such as drought, and lots of diseases. On the other hand, like Europe, have fertile soil, and a suitable temperature. Like this, the geography (climate) is really important for the country development.


Weekly Writing Challenge #5

My three strengths in learning history are being able to find the answers quickly in the textbook, skim fast, and understand fast. Although I am really bad at History, I can answer questions quickly through skimming the passages. When I can’t understand something, if someone explains it to me, I can understand well. I want to improve on writing History essays. I am going to ask teachers like Ms. Dyson and Mr. Fidler for help.

Weekly Writing Challenge #4

I would choose pause/resume. My place, Aztec is a strong, wealthy empire. However, there are few things that I want to change. I would get rid of social classes. Now, there are two types of social classes, which are commoners and enslaved persons. Commoners such as merchants, artisans, soldiers and farmers have such a nice life. They are very wealthy, especially, the merchants. They live a very good life in Aztec. On the other hand, captives and prisoners live a very hard life compared to commoners. They have to do many jobs what the emperor or commoners ordered. Also, I want to change the ruling system. Now, an emperor who has an absolute power rules Aztec. I want to make my empire more fair and peaceful with people around me. If these changes happen, our empire will be more united and successful.

Weekly Writing Challenge #3

An iceberg could be a metaphor for the cultures we have studied this semester. The top part of an iceberg could be the things the recognizable aspect of cultures such as games, sports, language, visual arts, food, and literature. For example, Mayans used to play sports and games in the ball court in the daily life. We can know that they played daily. These cultures are visible and obvious. On the other hand, the hidden part of an iceberg might be the deeper side of cultures such as etiquette, gender roles, religious beliefs or values. These things are less visible than other cultures like literature and sports. In short, the hidden part is the detailed and deeper meaning of the visible parts. Both visible and invisible parts are equally important.

Weekly Writing Challenge #2

I went to the Maya to find more information about their strength as a spy. And, Maya civilization seems really strong. Firstly, they have many great cities, and there are many great buildings in the cities. They built many buildings like temples, pyramids, and even ball court. One of the reasons Mayans are wealthy is the development of architecture. Secondly, the weather in the Maya is suitable for agriculture. Maya civilization has a highland and lowland regions. They also have dense jungles. The weather in highland is really cool and cloudy. The Maya mainly grows crops such as maize, beans, and squash. Mayans usually ate these crops in the daily life. The farmers in Maya civilization was using slash and burn method. As the farming became successful, people became wealthier. But, I think in the future, it will lead to over-population and over-farming. We should attack after some time. If there are many people, there will be more diseases spread. We should attack by using that problem in the future.

Weekly Writing Challenge #1

I just finished traveling from ancient Rome to Monte Alban. I saw so many interesting things in two cities, and there were so many similar things between two cities. Firstly, I saw pyramids, temples, and palaces surrounding Monte Alban. Even ancient Rome had so many beautiful buildings such as Colosseum and Pantheon. Secondly, Monte Alban was the city with the most population, and so did ancient Rome. Thirdly, both city people enjoyed playing ball games. In Monte Alban, there was even a ball court made with stones. In Rome, people spent their time usually playing ball games. Fourthly, they both had good lands to agriculture and they had valleys or river besides them. Lastly, both Monte Alban and ancient Rome was pretty wealthy and powerful because they had pretty good economy. This trip gave me so many interesting information!







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