Weekly Writing Challenge #1

I just finished traveling from ancient Rome to Monte Alban. I saw so many interesting things in two cities, and there were so many similar things between two cities. Firstly, I saw pyramids, temples, and palaces surrounding Monte Alban. Even ancient Rome had so many beautiful buildings such as Colosseum and Pantheon. Secondly, Monte Alban was the city with the most population, and so did ancient Rome. Thirdly, both city people enjoyed playing ball games. In Monte Alban, there was even a ball court made with stones. In Rome, people spent their time usually playing ball games. Fourthly, they both had good lands to agriculture and they had valleys or river besides them. Lastly, both Monte Alban and ancient Rome was pretty wealthy and powerful because they had pretty good economy. This trip gave me so many interesting information!







Due Thursday 🙂 Feb 14th!! 8:30p.m~


One thought on “Weekly Writing Challenge #1

  1. Hi Jinkyung!

    I like how clearly you listed the similarities – it was very clearly set out! A few notes on word choice: ‘agriculture’ is a noun, not a verb, so check how you used it in your paragraph. Also, see if you can spot the error in your last sentence!


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