Weekly Writing Challenge #2

I went to the Maya to find more information about their strength as a spy. And, Maya civilization seems really strong. Firstly, they have many great cities, and there are many great buildings in the cities. They built many buildings like temples, pyramids, and even ball court. One of the reasons Mayans are wealthy is the development of architecture. Secondly, the weather in the Maya is suitable for agriculture. Maya civilization has a highland and lowland regions. They also have dense jungles. The weather in highland is really cool and cloudy. The Maya mainly grows crops such as maize, beans, and squash. Mayans usually ate these crops in the daily life. The farmers in Maya civilization was using slash and burn method. As the farming became successful, people became wealthier. But, I think in the future, it will lead to over-population and over-farming. We should attack after some time. If there are many people, there will be more diseases spread. We should attack by using that problem in the future.


One thought on “Weekly Writing Challenge #2

  1. Hi Jinkyung!

    Good work! You provided good evidence, and then showed the possible negative concequences of the civlisation’s actions – very good! I am very pleased to see you developing strong understanding of what you are reading 🙂


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