Weekly Writing Challenge #6

A website is worth reading because it gives a correct and detailed information we need. And, it has a distinct main paragraph. It is easy to understand what the whole article is about. http://makewealthhistory.org/2007/07/01/geographical-factors-that-affect-development/ is my favorite site I have used in my Google Doc. This website is really organized. They have a sub-heading before […]

Weekly Writing Challenge #5

My three strengths in learning history are being able to find the answers quickly in the textbook, skim fast, and understand fast. Although I am really bad at History, I can answer questions quickly through skimming the passages. When I can’t understand something, if someone explains it to me, I can understand well. I want […]

Weekly Writing Challenge #4

I would choose pause/resume. My place, Aztec is a strong, wealthy empire. However, there are few things that I want to change. I would get rid of social classes. Now, there are two types of social classes, which are commoners and enslaved persons. Commoners such as merchants, artisans, soldiers and farmers have such a nice […]